Get Involved

Friends of Weaver could not exist without parental involvement. Weaver parents play an important role in the success of their child's education. We need your help...donations of time and/or money are always welcome and accepted.

Opportunities include:


I can't give a donation and I can't volunteer...

  • Do you shop or give gift cards? Participate in the Scrip program
  • Purchase and use scrip cards for items you normally purchase (groceries, gas, restaurants, home items)
  • Use Travel Scrip to plan your next vacation

I can't give a donation, but I can volunteer my time...

I can't give a donation, but I'm willing to solicit others...

  • Facilitate an order of cookies by friends/neighbors for the cookie dough fundraiser
  • Weaver Goes Hollywood donations

ST Math Online Instructions

You can once again access Jiji ST math online.  Click here for instructions.  Students can replay already mastered concepts at home.  They can also access our math fluency program by clicking on the fluency icon.  Building addition, subtraction and multiplication automaticity is critical for building student confidence and ability in math.  We encourage our families to take a look at this program at home.  ST math is available for grade K-5 and Fluency is available for grades 1-5.