Weaver Goes Hollywood

This event is sponsored by Friends of Weaver (FOW), a non-profit organization dedicated to acquiring, maintaining, improving, and updating technological resources at Weaver. FOW, which is comprised of dedicated parent volunteers, has taken the responsibility of funding technology needs. FOW provides support and resources to Weaver students and staff so a variety of technology learning opportunities may be utilized to ensure all students are successful.

FOW's biggest fundraiser of the year, Weaver Goes To Havana, on Saturday, March 11, 2017!

Event tickets and online auction NOW AVAILABLE! | Download the event flyer | Download Opportunity Drawing flyer

Get ready to bid!

Do you need to update your DEFAULT credit card in Bidding For Good? Take action before you start bidding if...

  • A card previously used in Bidding for Good is now expired
  • A card you added is no longer valid (for example, your Costco AMEX or one that had fraud activity)
  • Two or more cards are registered in Bidding for Good but you'd prefer to use a specific one for all of the transactions

The default card is associated with each individual auction item (including the auctions on the night of the event) so be certain you do this before you start bidding so the wrong card is not charged. To learn how to update your default credit card, see the screen shot below. If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


ST Math Online Instructions

You can once again access Jiji ST math online.  Click here for instructions.  Students can replay already mastered concepts at home.  They can also access our math fluency program by clicking on the fluency icon.  Building addition, subtraction and multiplication automaticity is critical for building student confidence and ability in math.  We encourage our families to take a look at this program at home.  ST math is available for grade K-5 and Fluency is available for grades 1-5.